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Welcome to the Glory Women Fellowship Website.
To learn more about us click here.
We are still meeting Join us on Zoom: for coffee, conversation, games, bible journaling, bible study, and book club & more
**Due to the current health crisis & in compliance with CDC guidelines.... All Meetups for this group for the next 4 to 8 weeks will be hosted on Zoom. Each event will have its own Zoom link listed to gain access and join in online to the event.  
To use Zoom: You can access Zoom from your phone, laptop or computer. Its easy just click on the link that is posted within each meetup event. Once you click on the link it will connect you to the group event and you will be able to see everyone and join in. If its your first time using Zoom it will ask you to download the link. Just follow the promptings, its a easy setup. This only has to be done once per device.
How our site works: You will find that as you click through the different tabs on our website that some pages are public, meaning anyone can view them and some are private which are members only pages. To see the members only pages you need to be a member of our Women's only Fellowship.There is no cost to join, its Free. 
To become a member of our Fellowship you need to be a woman, live in Arizona, and be a Christian, believe that only through Jesus Christ we have salvation, Believe in the trinity God, Jesus Christ, & the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 4:5-6. Look over our code of conduct for the fellowship here. We are not a church we are a fellowship social group more about us here

Faith - Community - Grace

A non-denominational

 Christian Women's Fellowship group

"A Sweet Friendship Refreshes the Soul" Proverbs 27:9 

We come together to build authentic friendships, to strengthen our relationships with God, family and friends. To laugh, have fun and be human. God does not call us to be perfect people. He calls us to love one another in grace and forgiveness on the foundation of His Word. 

Our theme for 2020 is Wisdom.

Wisdom – Identity – Prayer

  • Wisdom in reading the Word: Learn how to read God’s Word in an understandable way.

  • Wisdom in our Identity in Christ: Our identity in Christ, hearing & discerning His voice

  • Wisdom in Prayer: A study of prayer

We will be breaking down the theme of Wisdom into three parts over 2020 through a variety of events and connection groups. We are starting 2020 off with Wisdom in reading the Word. Midway through the year we will transition into Wisdom in our Identity in Christ. Then we will be closing out our theme starting in the Fall with Wisdom in Prayer. Check your individual group page to see what is happening and when it all starts. As always in-person Book Club (The Book Sisters) can be found on our public Meetup group.

Would you like to attend or be a part of Glory Women Fellowship study groups then join here.  Please note some groups may have a wait list.

Join Our Meetup group to attend our in person public events like the ones pictured above on our Instagram page. Make new friends, have fun and connect with other Christian women in the West Valley. All social & event information for all our in person public events are listed in our Meetup group.  The group is called Christian Women of the West Valley 
If you are not a Meetup member already, you will need to create an account. The process is simple. You will need to post a clear picture of your face, give your name and email to join the group once you click on the link below. You then have 14 days to check out the group before paying the $12 membership fee which is per person, per year to be in the group. This breaks down to only $1 a month.  We hope to meet you soon at our next event!

Why Join

Glory Women Fellowship

Do you live in Arizona? Are you looking for friendships and fellowship with other Christian women that are truly Christ centered in grace? Do you work from home?
Are a home school mom? Single? Married? Divorced? In need of accountability in living a Christ centered life?
 In need of solid authentic Christian friendships? Then consider joining our group. There is no cost to join.
(we are currently only accepting members that
live in AZ)
Matthew 18:20, Romans 12:5,
John 15:12-13