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Facebook Bible Study group


Join Us! on Facebook all year long as we study various books of the Bible online as a groupWe paired up with the Good Morning Girls organization to study each book of the Bible, one chapter a day Monday through Friday, using the SOAK method. Join the group below for more information.

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Faithful Readers 
Book Club


Join our private Facebook group as we read about six books a year at a slightly slower pace, along with weekly group discussion. 

Many of the books we read can be found for free on apps, at the library or on amazon and thrift shops. Check us out, we would love to have you in the group.

A weekly private Women's Bible study group
Group Leader of this group is: Luna


We are a group of current members that meet via Zoom and in person to study the Bible.

This is a closed group. If you are interested in joining this group or another Glory Women Home group, please email Luna and she will connect you to a open group in your area. Thank you


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