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ONline: Good Morning Girls Winter study

Glory Women Study Group

This group "meets" online. It partners with and follows the curriculum of Good Morning Girls by Courtney Joseph. As a group we go through the bible book by book, chapter by chapter. The only thing you need is your bible and a note book. There is an optional pre-printed journal that is available on amazon per study session a link to the most current journal being use will be posted before each study begins. 

2 Kings: Study with us Online January 13, 2020 to February 14, 2020

What is 2 Kings all about?

In 2 Kings, we will see the spiritual decline of Israel and Judah, as they refuse to turn from their idols and follow God wholeheartedly.  As a result, they will be taken into captivity.  But before they are taken into captivity, God continually raises up prophets to warn the nation of Israel, to turn from their wicked ways.  One of those prophets is Elisha and he performs 14 amazing miracles in 2 Kings!  You don’t want to miss this!  We are going to learn so much about the God we serve. - Courtney Joseph of GMG 

We read a chapter each day Monday - Friday and post daily reading comments in the SOAK format. We take the weekends off. Join in the online group for more information regarding the study. Its a simple daily way to connect with God and read the Bible. 

Lauren has a passion to help women grow in their faith through studying the word of God. She is one of our  Online Leaders for our GMG bible study, book club groups and bible journal groups.

Lauren Wooldridge

Facilitator for this online Bible study group

Glory Women of Faith Online Book Club

"Growing deeper in our Faith & Relationship with God one book at a time​"

Discerning the Voice of God

by Priscilla Shirer **2012 Edition**

This book can also be found used at thrift shops, library, Hoopla, and most reading apps. We will be reading the 2012 edition of this book. so please make sure your book has the same picture cover as show above. 

Our first book of 2020 will be the 2012 Edition of Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer. This book was giving to me as a Christmas present in 2019. After looking through it, I found it to be a great book to read as a group and discuss.  We will be reading this book slowly for greater discussion. 
Online discussing starts February 2, 2020 
The 2012 edition has 14 chapters that are broken down into 3 parts. 
  • Realize the way He speaks
  • Recognize the sound of His voice
  • Remember what He wants to accomplish 
We will be reading 1 chapter a week, posting discussions online Monday through Friday with weekends off. 
Since receiving this book as a gift the author has come out with an updated version that has new stories and different questions for thought. So please make sure you buy or ebook the 2012 edition so we are all on the same "page" as we discuss and read this book as a group. 

Luna is the founder of Glory Women Fellowship. She is a Women's Bible teacher and Healing the Wounds of Trauma group facilitator. She is currently working towards her Masters degree in Biblical Counseling.

Luna Carter 

Facilitator of this online book group

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