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Have a cup of stillness

Updated: Mar 16

What would it take for you to be still and know God? To stop time and take a break to rest in Him. How much time are you willing to give, to set aside, to be still and know God? How to you think your life would change if you did?

I love coffee and tea. Having a cup of either is something I personally really enjoy. I love coffee shops. The smell, the noise, the people, its all very relaxing to me. Coffee shops are one of my favorite places to spend time with a friend, have some personal downtime, or read a Christian book to continue to grow and deepen my faith with God. Over the years I have noticed that coffee shops have now become study halls instead of a place where people connect and relax to reconnect with the world around them.

Our lives have now become so busy that we don't even have time to really enjoy a cup of coffee and read a good book or even The Good Book (the Bible) anymore. We over book ourselves so much now that getting a cup of coffee with a friend, means going through the drive through. Or filling up that fancy to-go cup. There is no longer value in just being still or spending time with those around us. We all have to many other "important" things to do. We have even become programmed to look at our phones not only during our time with friends but also during our own personal downtime. We are starting to lose the art of simply connecting with God, the people around us and ourselves.

It is easy to fill our time with the non-essential things of life and have no room left for the important things, such as personal downtime, the people in our lives, and let alone God. These short term non-essentials things, fill our lives with feelings of temporary importance, short term success and empty happiness. Which at the end of the day produces nothing of value long term. We need to stop, be still and spend quality time with the people around us and get to know them more. By doing this we start to build a deeper more meaningful relationship with them. Having that cup of coffee inside the shop instead of the drive through becomes the anchor of the soul to rest and refresh ourselves. A time to relax and renew through the connections of the people and world around us. We all know this, so why do we run through the drive through instead of going inside?

Just like our friends and family, God also wants to spend quality time with us everyday. He wants to walk alongside us daily to support, guide, refresh and restore us. What is holding you back from grabbing that cup of coffee and sitting down with Him? What stops you from creating that pocket of time to spend with Him alone? To talk with Him, get to know Him. Let Him pour His abundant love, restoration, comfort and more into you. Why not? What do you have to lose? A little sleep? Maybe. A little less time to binge watch your favorite TV show? Probably. Why not let God pour into instead of all the things of this world?

When we start filling our lives up with a relationship with Jesus we become more fulfilled than when we watched the latest TV show. Our coffee cup becomes stronger and our coffee more powerfully in our lives than the one from the drive through. We will not need that extra shot of espresso in the morning when we are truly filling our souls up with the Holy Spirit. The things we thought were important will fall away and we start to have more balance in our lives.

A few questions to ponder:

What are some ways you can make time for God? What does that look like for you? Do you get up a little earlier each day? Go to bed a little later?

What is more important in our life right now than God?

Luna - Fellowship Director for GWF