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Trauma & Grief Healing

Healing through Faith by God's Grace
Due to current world heath concerns. We are not currently meeting in person. ALL groups will be meeting privately on Zoom.
A Healing the Wounds of Trauma workshop series
will be coming in May 2020 on Zoom.
More information & link coming soon. 

“The Lord is near to those who are discouraged;

he saves those who have lost all hope.” Psalm 34:18

What to expect when attending a Bible-based Grief/Trauma group series:

Who should come to a group?

Anyone who: has suffered loss of any kind, grief, trauma, loss of a loved one, caregivers, works in Christian ministry at any level, secondary trauma (which is someone being affected by an event that did not happen to them), or anyone that would like more information on how to walk along side someone who is grieving or has been affected by trauma.

What to expect when attending a Bible based Healing from grief/ trauma group:

• Confidentiality

• A group that can relate

• A group that listens without giving advice

• Judgment free space

• You only share if you want to

• Gain tools to support the healing process 

Together, we will create a safe space for the group members to:

• Discover what the Bible says about suffering, grief & healing

• Learn about the basics of trauma / loss and its effects

• Release some of the emotional pain you may be carrying

• Help you get unstuck & reconnected with God

• Give you the resources to connect for further healing 

The groups is not taught, they are facilitated:

The groups are facilitated in a participatory learning style.  They are not taught in a lecture style format, where the participants are just listening. Since the groups are facilitated its up to the participant to share with each other or within the group as a whole. A participant can also just listen to others around them.


The facilitated participatory model for healing groups consists of: ​

  • All of the information in the program is Christ centered and Bible based 

  • group processing and discussion of questions

  • some one on one discussion

  • visual aids for learning

  • hands on activities both group & single

  • group scripture engagement

  • prayer

  • music

  • writing and art processing activities

  • along with a very minimal amount of lecture

What do I need to bring?

You only need to bring yourself, a bible, and a pen. Everything else will be provided for you.

What is the cost of attending a healing group / series?

In most cases the healing group / series is free of charge. Depending on location and type of series being facilitated a small donation may be requested to help pay for fees that may associated with hosting and hold the group / series at a venue.  All money collected go straight towards paying the hosting and supply costs that are involved.  


We recommend that you attend a group / series once you are:

  • past the initial shock of the trauma or event

  • are out of danger (such in the case of domestic violence)

  • if needed, have had the opportunity to seek medical attention and / or professional therapy

  • are no longer in a health risk situation that needs daily medical attention

please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the above or are wondering if this would be a good fit for you at this time in your situation. click here to email us ​


Just a side note of information:

This is not a counseling or therapy session or group. These groups / series / workshops are to give you bible based tools to help you to continue to move forward in the healing process. We do not provided treatment or professional counseling at the workshops, nor are we professional counselors or therapist. We will however provide a resource list to all participants, per area location as to resources in their area to get further help towards the process of recovery.  

Healing the Wounds
of Trauma can be an overwhelming experience.
There is hope.
Watch the video for more information 

Healing from grief and trauma does not happen overnight. It takes time. Have you ever been told "to just get over it" to "move on" or "that enough time has past, you should be over this by now"? 


Do you feel angry at God or feel that He has abandoned you in your time of need? Are you feeling stuck or unable to process what has happen? Do you feel like the people around you do not understand?

You are not alone. I have been there. As a survivor of domestic violence, I am here to tell you there is hope and restoration. Our God does heal. Luna

Attending a Healing the Wounds of the Heart group, is a step in the right direction. Scroll down and read more.

Are you interested in gaining biblical tools towards healing

the wounds of the heart that trauma and grief can bring? 

"Luna did a fantastic job with our group. She is so warm and understanding, which made the group feel at ease and comfortable together. I would definitely recommend the program to others, as I feel so much better equipped to help others who are going through or have gone through a trauma.


I especially liked the part where we wrote our own lament, using the psalms a​s a guide. I found this to be very cathartic. Writing helped me put words to my emotions."     

- Julie R 

"I appreciated the interactive aspect of the group meetings, such as talking with a member of the group about specific topics or scripture verses. I also really liked the session where we walked around to the different “villages” of grief, and how you created the “ false bridge” between the main villages and the “new-self” village.


That illustration really helped me understand the different parts of grief, and how each part needs to be visited before healing can fully take place. Finally, the night when we wrote our own lament in response to Psalm 13 was very helpful. I have already used that lament template to process a discouraging situation I’ve been facing. 

Thank you, Luna!"    -Michelle K